Creating Installers

The following steps are needed to create offline and online installers:

  1. Create a package directory for the installable components. For more information, see Package Directory.
  2. Create a configuration file called config.xml in the config directory. It contains information about how to build the installer binaries and online repositories. For more information about the file format and available settings, see Configuration File.
  3. Create a package information file called package.xml in the config\meta directory. It contains settings for deployment and the installation process. For more information, see Meta Directory.
  4. Create installer content and copy it to the package directory. For more information, see Data Directory.
  5. For online installers, use the repogen tool to create the repository that contains the installable content and upload the repository to a web server.
  6. Use the binarycreator tool to create the installer. For more information, see Tools.

For an example of how to create a simple installer that uses the predefined installer pages, see Tutorial: Creating an Installer.

The following sections describe how to create different types of installers: