Creating Offline Installers

Offline installers do not try to connect to an online repository at all during installation. However, the metadata configuration (config.xml) enables users to add and update components online.

Offline installers are especially useful in cases where a corporate firewall does not allow end users to connect to web servers. The network administrator can set up a local update service within the network.

To create offline installers, use the --offline-only option of the binarycreator tool.

To create an offline installer in Windows, enter the following command:

  <location-of-ifw>\binarycreator.exe --offline-only -t <location-of-ifw>\installerbase.exe -p <package_directory> -c <config_directory>\<config_file> <installer_name>

Some options have default values, and therefore, you can omit them. For example, enter the following command to create an installer binary called SDKInstaller.exe that contains the packages identified by org.qt-project.sdk and their dependencies:

  binarycreator.exe --offline-only -c installer-config -p installer-packes SDKInstaller.exe