Removing Components

The following image illustrates the default workflow for removing either all or some installed components:

"Remove components workflow"

This section uses the Qt 5 Maintenance Tool run on OS X as an example implementation of how end users can remove all or selected components.

Removing All Components

When end users start the Maintenance Tool, the introduction page opens:

"Introduction page"

End users can select Remove all components, and then Continue, to remove all installed components.

The ready to uninstall page informs end users that the uninstallation can begin when users select Uninstall.

"Ready to uninstall page"

Removing Selected Components

End users can select Package manager, and then Continue, to select components to remove on the component selection page:

"Component selection page"

When end users deselect the components to remove, and then select Continue, the ready to update page opens. It informs end users that the components are removed when users select Update.

"Ready to update page"

The update page displays information about how removal is progressing. End users can select Show Details to view more information.

"Update page"

When the removal is complete, the update finished page opens.

"Update finished page"