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streamCapture2 Version 0.20 Manual

Download a single file

  1. Find a web page that streams video
  2. Copy the page address
  3. Paste into the program
  4. Click "Search"
  5. Choose quality
  6. Click "Download"

Download multiple files

  1. Find a web page that streams video
  2. Copy the page address
  3. Paste into the program
  4. Click "Search"
  5. Choose quality
  6. Click "Add to Download list"
  7. Click "Download all" to download

Download all episodes

  1. Find a web page that streams video
  2. Copy the page address
  3. Paste into the program
  4. Click "Several episodes", "List all Video Streams"
  5. Click "Several episodes", "Direct Download of all Video Streams in current serie (Not from the Download List)"
  6. The program automatically selects the highest quality video stream

The menus

  1. Paste Paste (url) from the Clipboard.
  2. Search Search for video streams to download.
  3. Download Download a video stream using the method and quality of your choice.
  4. Include Subtitle Check in if you want the subtitle of the video you download to be downloaded as well.
  5. Stop all downloads Shut down svtplay-dl. (Windows only.)
  6. Exit Exits the program.

  1. If you click on any of your past searches, the address will be copied to the search box.
  2. The number off previous searchers to be saveed... You choose between 0 and 50. If the number of searches exceeds your selection, the oldest search will disappear.
  3. Remove all previous searches All saved searches are deleted.

Download list
  1. View Download list Displays the list of video streams you added for download.
  2. Add to Download list Adds a video stream for later download. You must choose the method and quality as well as if you want the subtitles to be downloaded before clicking. The list is saved automatically.
  3. Download all Downloads all the video streams you have in the list. With the settings you chose when you added the video stream. (Quality, method and subtitle or not subtitle.) If the same video stream with different qualities is downloaded, folders are created automatically.
  4. Edit Download list (Advanced) For example, you can delete a video stream, change it to download subtitles, and more. Only edit if you are sure how it works.
  5. Save Download list (Advanced) Saves your changes to the download list.
  6. Delete Download list Deletes the entire download list.

Download list example
The download list is a comma-separated list of properties used when downloading the video streams saved in the download list.
  1. Address https://www.svtplay.se/video/27269637/sommarlov/sommarlov-sasong-11-avsnitt-31
  2. Quality (bitrate) 5545
  3. Method DASH
  4. Password (the name of the video stream provider if password is used, "nopassword" if password is not used) nopassword
  5. Download the subtitle or do not download the subtitle ysup or nsub

  1. Select the interface language

  1. Check for updates at program start Checks for updates every time the program starts if you have checked the box.
  2. Creating folder "filename/method_quality"If you have checked the check box, a folder is created that has names by file names and subfolders selected by method and quality. For example, "bolibompa-baby-visor-season-6-sma-frogs/dash_3039". This happens automatically if you download the same video in different qualities.
  3. Show more Show more information from svtplay-dl.
  4. Select Default Download Location... The default location for video stream downloads.
  5. Download to Default Location The download starts immediately and the video streams are stored in your default location.
  6. Select Copy Location... The complete media file can be automatically copied to your selected folder. After all files, audio, any subtitle and video have been downloaded and merged, the final mpg4 file is copied.
  7. Copy Copy the video files to the default copy location.
  8. Use svtplay-dl from the system path Use svtplay-dl found in your system's path.
  9. Use latest stable svtplay-dl Use latest stable version of svtplay-dl.
  10. Use the latest svtplay-dl snapshot Use latest snapshot of svtplay-dl.
  11. Select svtplay-dl... Locate and select svtplay-dl in your file system.
  12. Do not show notifications You may receive a message on the screen when the video stream or video streams are downloaded.
  13. Use the selected svtplay-dl Use svtplay-dl that is in your file system.
  14. Select font... Select font, font size and type.
  15. Maintenance Tool... Add or remove components, update components or remove all components (Uninstall). Valid only if you have streamCapture2 installed.
  16. Create desktop shortcut A desktop shortcut. (Windows and Linux installed version.) Or a shortcut on the desktop and in the application menu. (Linux AppImage.)
  17. Delete all settings and Exit Delete all configuration files, saved searches and the download list.

Maintenance Tool
Maintenance Tool

Pay TV
  1. Password Enter a password to download from a paid streaming service. You can choose to save the password to avoid typing each time. (Pay TV -> Provider -> Edit.)
  2. Create new You can add a paid streaming service. Enter the supplier's name and your username. You can have the program save your password or choose to enter it every time you download. .
  3. Click on an existing streaming service You choose whether to delete the streaming service or edit the name of the service, your username or password.

Several Episodes
  1. List all Video Streams Lists all video streams that belong to the same TV series.
  2. Add all Video Streams to Download List Add all Video Streams that belong to the current TV Series to the Download List.
  3. Direct Download of all Video Streams in current serie (Not from the Download List) Trying to find and download all the video streams that belong to the current TV series without adding them to the download list.

  1. Help... Shows this help.
  2. Check for updates... Check if there is any new version of the program and notify if that is the case. Requires internet connection.
  3. About... Technical and version information.
  4. About svtplay-dl... Version information and configuration options for svtplay-dl. Select svtplay-dl from the "Tools" menu. If you have not made a choice, "svtplay-dl Stable" is selected.
  5. About FFmpeg... Version and configuration options for FFmpeg.
  6. Visit svtplay-dl forum for issues... Link to svtplay-dl forum. Opens in your browser.
  7. License Displays the license for each program.

Listbox quality
  1. Choose quality Click on the list box to select quality. Here "4520 DASH" is selected. Higher bitrate provides better quality and a larger file to download.
  2. Password Click on the list box to select "- No Password" or select a streaming service that requires a password. If you let the program save your passwords, you can have several streaming services in your download list. The program automatically selects the correct password.